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Legend has it that every night, ol' Danny Boone would empty his buckskins into a tray he carved from a Chestnut tree. His nightly routine ensured that he was always organized and prepared for the next day. Okay, we might be making that up, but we're pretty sure he'd have loved storing his knife and musket balls by his bedroll in one of these here trays. With an assortment of pockets carved into a solid wood slab, our Boone EDC tray has been carefully designed to neatly store a cache of gear so you never forget a thing. Experience the satisfaction of putting everything in its right place at the end of the day.

The Boone features seven recessed pockets for commonly-sized notebooks, a phone, pocket knives, flashlights, writing implements, watches, lighters, sunglasses, keys, and more.

Do you need a space to store your powder horn? Do you carry a knife that would make Crocodile Dundee blush? We're all about customization! Email us at to get the process started. We'll discuss options, get a sketch from you, and send an invoice separately. Learn how customization works. 

The Boone comes in the golden-hued and swirly-grained Cherry or the finely-grained and darkly-iridescent Sapele.

Dimensions are 11" wide, 8½" deep, and 1" thick.

Want to try on the standard tray for size first? Download the drawing and print it in landscape orientation at 100% to get an actual-size reference.