Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a custom tray?

We're working on in-browser software to facilitate making custom designs, but until then work from a paper tracing you make. Please email me at for more information. We'll discuss design and materials, price and time. When you're ready to begin, we'll send an invoice.

What is the maximum tray size you can produce?

The maximum dimension with the grain is generally 24". A typical depth across the grain is 8-11" although it is entirely dependent on the species of wood and what is available. A maximum of 24" in both directions can be achieved with engineered materials such as Baltic Birch plywood, or through the lamination of multiple boards (think butcher block construction).

I'd love to give a custom tray as a gift—do you offer gift cards?

While we don't offer physical cards, we do offer pre-paid, one-time use codes which may be applied at checkout for the value you specify. We can also work with your giftee and invoice you separately.

How do I care for my tray?

Wood is a natural material that is always trying to come into equilibrium with its surroundings. We use kiln-dried wood and store it at approximately 45% relative humidity. If your climate is significantly drier or more humid, the tray may cup slightly causing it to 'rock' on a flat surface. If you need a more stable tray, we have other alternatives such as Baltic Birch and marine grade plywoods. 

If the wood appears "dry," you can add a bit of mineral oil, paste wax, or your preferred finish to maintain its appearance.

Are your trays food safe?

Panoply trays are great for serving food, although our standard finish is not considered food safe. If you'd like it to be, please leave a note when you check out and we'll finish it with pure mineral oil.