Our Story

Hi, I'm Luke—Panoply Goods began with the idea that storage should be as unique as our things. Frustrated with mass-produced, plastic, one-size-fits-all options, I started Panoply with the goal of providing made-to-order trays, organizers, and boxes that are both beautiful and functional. With recent advances in computer-controlled manufacturing and digital design tools, there's no reason our storage shouldn't better fit our needs. Having spent a significant amount of time living on sailboats and in other small spaces, I also understand the importance of having a place for everything. As an artist and woodworker, I appreciate timeless, beautiful designs and strive to make everything as well as I can.

Panoply is operated by myself and my partner Stephanie in the sleepy industrial neighborhood of St. Johns, Portland, Oregon. Originally home to sawmills and shipyards and visited by Captain William Clark, the area's inspiring maritime, forestry, and adventure histories all intersect here. 

We're constantly trying to improve the experience for our customers and working on new and improved tools to enable you to easily create and design from the comfort of your browser. I love to get feedback about what is and isn't working and what products you would find useful. Thanks, Luke