What is Panoply?

Most websites fail.

On the current ad dominated web you’re either great at marketing or you don’t exist.

I’ve been doing digital marketing and building web products since 2002. Some of that time has been spent doing SEO at ViacomCBS, earning hundreds of millions of organic visits. Some of it was spent “testing algorithmic boundaries” on test projects. The rest has been spent building and launching several successful startups, all the while consulting with a handful of exclusive clients.

This website is the distillation of everything I have learned about effective marketing.

I’m not copy/pasting short term tactics, I’m laying out the stuff I’ve actually done that got results.

One subscription gets you direct access to my best thoughts on:

  • Improving your marketing.
  • Improving your website(s).
  • Improving your ability to make decisions and create your own edge.

How it works

Panoply is essentially a blog with a handful of categories:

Better Marketing – Articles on improving your marketing, from the trenches.

Better Websites – Articles on conversion rate optimization, and how to build websites that users love.

Better Tools – We’re only as good as our tools. Articles range from buyers guides to introductions to concepts.

But wait, there’s more.

Panoply is also a place where I share projects that aren’t directly related to marketing, but have clear benefits for digital marketers.

  • A semi-regular podcast with actionable, thought-provoking interviews of interesting thinkers.
  • Fairly frequent short/medium-format articles with thoughts on things I’m currently thinking about.
  • Intention & AttentionThis is a blog category about technology use, and the various ways in which you deploy your attention. Know thy tools, and know thyself.

And if you choose to become a Panoply Pro member, this is what you can expect:

  • A full video course on improving your memory through Spaced Repetition.
  • Exclusive long-form articles on creating better websites (a continuation of my Conversion Gold newsletter).
  • Exclusive long-form articles on improving your marketing.

You can read more about becoming a pro member or go ahead and join now for $29 per year (about $2.42 per month).

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